Egypts Gift

Hi everyone, long time no write! That’s not strictly true obviously as I’ve been busy penning away on Delhi, but, having tasted the Nile water (metaphorically obviously) I’m still drawn to follow all the news out of Egypt.
That puts an entirely different perspective on events. Being estranged doesn’t give you the opportunity to discuss the days events down the pub, or chat with the cigarette kiosk guys and taxi drivers to get a real feel for how much is crap, nor address the real concerns such as “mango season is nearly over”
All the events around June 30th, the Italian consulate, the Sinai and all the associated misery flooding my timeline just made me sad and frustrated, I can’t begin to imagine how Egyptians or expats in Egypt feel. But, having grown up in Northern Ireland during the “troubles” as they call it, I can imagine that the extra 2le on cigarettes and the start of the football season are probably higher on the agenda. That’s just the way it is, you become desensitised, the horrors become just another headline unless you or your family are directly affected.
The Suez Canal on the other hand, now that’s a whole different ball game. It is an amazing feat of engineering in an incredibly short timeframe. I dread to think how many corners have been cut, how many dodgy electricity connections were made in the process and where they’ve dumped everything they dredged. The extension to the canal is finished, but is it? 
To see where I’m coming from take the new street lights they put up in Maadi. To great fanfare all the street lights around the autostraad exit where replaced and painted. What they didn’t say was that they chopped down the old ones with a grinder operated by a 12 year old in flip flops and obviously without any protective equipment. The jagged ends where left sticking up for any curious child to impale himself on, and the top sections left lying detached on the roadside until some ingenious recycling guy nabbed them.
They were painted by boys in overalls shimmying up to the top of the lamp post, no harness obviously, dipping their hands in buckets of galvanised paint attached to their waist and sliding down. The pavements were splattered with lots of shiny silver droplets and the workforce resembled the tin man from the wizard of Oz. I highly doubt any paint remover was supplied for their skin, and if it was I imagine dermatitis is considered an acceptable payoff for a day’s work. If they can manage to create such a mess changing a few lamp posts, what kind of mess is left at the Suez? 
That’s not at all what I set out to write about, what I really wanted to say was “sack the marketing company” who the feck thought it would be a good idea to announce “Egypts gift to the world” as the tag line for the media circus now in full swing? It’s mind numbingly cringe worthy to say the least and as always Egypt has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The giant billboard in Times Square looks like a school project entered into a competition by some not very artistic 7 year olds.
I take it it’s the same company who placed the Panama Canal on the commemorative stamps by mistake? Is it the same company who has decided to fill Tahir and the surrounding areas with giant inflatable teddy bears? Those things freak me out, I’ve seen them before and Im sure any child attending the celebrations will be traumatised for life.
Is it the same company who ordered copious amounts of Egyptian flags from China and forgot about the Eagle? Which of course means all of Cairo is displaying Yemani flags for the launch of their biggest achievement in decades. The canal is an awesome achievement please don’t feck it up by making yourselves a laughing stock, sack this company or companies immediately. 
There, rant over, come on Egypt raise your game, 
Bye, Masalama, Slainte, Namaste 


Dec 17, 2014Egypt issues stamps to mark new Suez Canal – but uses pictures of Panama Canal – Telegraph

The multi-billion pound scheme to widen the canal was announced last month, but officials have suffered a series of false startsProceed to the page:
Photos via Twitter, @egyptindependant

One thought on “Egypts Gift

  1. Mona says:

    dear irisheyesoncairo,

    what a pleasure to read your ironical post about egypt again. I missed it!
    you just hit the nail on the head with a few words! living in egypt I can confirm everything. your description of the lamp posts reminded me of the carelessness concerning electric stuff. sometimes I ask myself if they live much better without any concern since everything is in allahs hands anyway.
    there are a lot of “quick shots” in this country…like the published decision to open all temples and tombs in luxor till 11pm for the MANY tourists. after 2 days the whole thing was cancelled (without public information) and the FEW tourists found nothing but closed doors.

    or take the visa story…same thing. I guess there are too many incompetent people around. but malesh…it’s egypt! 😉

    best regards from a “spoiled swiss” linving in egypt.

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