Coup Countdown

Just watched the BBC morning report on this crazy country I call home, what a load of codswallop. They are referring to the ongoing political stalemate as something along the lines of a three way Mexican standoff. The army, the president and the opposition. I’m not going to get into the political factions to be found within each of these groups as It would give both you and I a headache but suffice to say there are multiple sections all with their own agendas and with very little common ground other than the basic Morsi in or out, yes or no answer. For some reasoned analysis I will direct you to Jim Erickson, Cairo Rugby player, economic and political analyst, all round good guy, unfortunately he is American but we can’t have everything. Here is the link..

Egypt Update

We are supposed to be at home keeping our heads down but that’s not really my style so we have been out and about with the exception of Sunday when we were glued to the telly. That’s not to say the ongoing situation hasn’t impacted on our schedule. Friday was a case in point. Big Mo the club captain had posted on Facebook that he was going to kill a sheep at 1:30pm, now initially I was rather confused as the opponents of the Muslim brotherhood call their supporters sheep, and I was rather concerned that Mo was advertising the fact he was off to kill a brotherhood member at 1:30 local time. Turns out he was in fact referring to an actual sheep, phew.

Morsi made a speech a few days ago, not sure which day as I lost the will to live after the first 5 minutes. He managed to trundle on for almost three hours and said sweet FA. Egyptians, ever entrepreneurial had these on sale the next day down the Khan el Khalili.


We were invited round for the BBQ of said sheep but even the best laid plans go awry in this climate. Due to the petrol shortages the delivery of the sheep proved to impossible. According to the government there is no shortage, guess these people are waiting for a drive in movie.


I think Mo could have convinced the supplier had he wanted to, Mo is rather big and as such can be very convincing but the guy was using the shortages as an excuse to bump his price up so he cancelled the order, quite right too. As it turned out Mo managed to secure a leg of lamb so the BBQ went ahead and a fine night was had by all.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the amazing pictures coming out of Tahrir but I thought I would focus on the MB counter protest in Nasr city, their photographs are far more entertaining. Now bear in mind these supporters of Morsi are supposed to be more religious and you would therefore think more peaceful. Well judge for yourself. In their defence the following pictures depict them exercising their right to defend themselves from the opposition. Judging by the guy at the front of this one more “exercise” would seem to be the way to go.


Ninja turtles seems to be the look that’s in for summer this year, although some of it seems to come from previous centuries with Braveheart springing to mind. No scratch that I’m guessing this is left over or pillaged from the times of the Roman occupation.


The opposition have their share of armour plating too, though quite what this guy is expecting is anyone’s guess…….he appears to be smoking a cucumber, perhaps he has been smoking something else previously.


The army have made their move and basically we are on countdown to a coup. Again the entrepreneurial Egyptians have blasted off the starting blocks and launched an app to countdown the time remaining. Here you go
Countdown Timer

The style of protesting this time round has definitely had a makeover. This simple red card says it all, they want Morsi to go


On a more serious note, the 46 mob sexual assaults in Tahrir and counting need to be addressed. This picture called “circle of fear” by Salma El Tarzi is a powerful image that captures the fear that I can’t articulate.


I’m going to leave you now with a photo of the army praying, there will be a lot of prayers said this week. Check out the hand of the solider holding the gun in the bottom right corner guarding the muslim soldiers as they pray. That’s a Coptic tattoo on the inside of his wrist……I pray that the unity shown here can be replicated, I hope you will join me. My prayers are with ALL of Egypt. Masalama



Just got sent this amazing video by my son, stunning.


2 thoughts on “Coup Countdown

  1. Hamish Esslemont says:

    Another great piece – and is that “the dishwasher” modelling the t-shirt ?! H 🙂

  2. barbara says:

    Who is leaving and who is staying? Jim Erickson is going to Jordan. I am leaving for budapest saturday if the flights are still going.

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