Turbo Time

They did it! They bloody did it! They have raided the last bastions of expat escapism in Maadi and removed all imported alcohol from the shelves of these fine establishments. No longer can we swan around in our “Man from Delmonte” regalia, gin and tonic in hand whilst discussing the natives. Ok so maybe it’s more faded golf gear, slightly stained, burger in one hand and a Jack and coke in the other but you get my drift.

Frankly people its the end of an era……..When they ship in all those newbie teachers about August time we will be able to reminisce, ruminate and obviously regurgitate our tales of daring doo………boring them sh@tless in the process recounting the good old days. On a side note probably better for all employers not to let their prospective workforce out on any kind of reconnaissance mission, just saying.

We need to plan people, we need a target to aim for, not literally obviously that would be illegal., although there are a few bearded guys who spring to mind………..anyway, I suggest we go with the old expat favourite of a stiff upper lip, no point crying over spilt milk, or in this case gallons of wasted vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila…….but is it really wasted? I Wonder where it went to………Hmmm me thinks some taxi drivers will be raking it in this weekend. “something for the weekend Sir” could have a whole new meaning on the streets of Cairo come tomorrow evening.

Fortunately for me I saw this scenario coming, or rather the Hubby did. Hats of to him he has been experimenting, fine tuning and generally footering about with the alcohol content of his totally organic home brewed “Turbo Cider” I won’t bore you with the recipe, perhaps a patent pending, suffice to say its on a par with prison hooch, and now that carefully “Crafted” recipe will be in big demand. (Crafted as in ….Can’t Remember A Fu$king Thing) type alcohol content. Portadown people you know where that comes from. Sssshhhh.

He is bottling up 10 litres tonight, I suspect I may be sent on an errand to road 9 tomorrow. Shopping list to comprise, some extra large storage jars, (10 litres just wont cut it) extra yeast, and I’m sure the wee man in the hardware shop is wondering what I get up to with that extra fine clear tubing…….I will leave it to his imagination. We even have the labels printed here you go…


Tonight’s batch is rather special as the organic apple juice was donated by a kindly Dr Trout, special edition labels to be run off tomorrow at Soho print to commemorate his considerate gesture. Yip looks like I will be in for a busy day, never mind clearing the shelves in Kimo market of all their apple juice.

I can thoroughly recommend the “Juhayna” brand as being top quality for these purposes. It makes a light sparkling variety with a refreshing aftertaste. We did use other brands as rumour has it that Juhayna is owned by the Muslim brotherhood, we didn’t want to support them, sorry not support we didn’t want to offend them by using their brand for cider making purposes. But hey there you go turns out their product is perfect, wonder what they would make of that?

Hot off the press, I’m off to soho print with this tomorrow



One thought on “Turbo Time

  1. barbara says:

    great post!

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