What A Boob..

What a boob….

I’ve just spent the last few days perusing the local papers and social media to get a feel for what’s really going on in Cairo. I managed to avoid the revolution anniversary protests entirely as I shipped out to Beirut for a bit of pork, alcohol and money laundering, time well spent I might add.

Starting with our prime minister, Kandil, well he addressed the nation a day or two ago, tackling those vitally important issues that would hopefully quell the protests…..and I quote
“Egyptian women need to clean their breasts better to prevent disease transmission to children”
so there you go, some cotton wool ladies with a dab or two of Dettol appears to be answer to egypts problems. Apparently dirty boobs are the main cause of diarrhoea in Egypt. I shall be having words with the hubby as I have been concerned for sometime regarding his Bowel movements….many thanks to @Hragy for this cartoon, at least I hope it’s a cartoon…..


Meanwhile the first lady, nipped on a private jet and headed of to the seaside resort of Taba, at an estimated cost of $6000 per hour……$6000 equates to the yearly salary of an egyptian bank employee, thats a pretty good job, or put another way a trainee doctor/intern at a state hospital would have to work 13 years to earn one hours airfare…….although if you are still an intern after 13 years that opens a whole other can of worms. So, when you see the protesters, some of them young doctors and the like, and hear the calls for them to go back to work (that is if they have a job) just bear in mind everyday they miss work they are missing out on …….£0.80 GBP, yip that’s their DAILY rate.

Rumour has it, and this is not confirmed, hence my procrastination, but this Taba get-together was a little soirée for the Muslim brotherhood ladies to arrange the engagement of the aforementioned prime ministers daughter to president Morsi’s son. Considering Morsi already has family links with a significant number of the Muslim brotherhood hierarchy perhaps they should consider a little rebranding, how does the “Muslim Nepotismhood sound or maybe “Muslim jobs for the boys in da hood”…….maybe that’s a little long, how about just #TheHoods….that hash tag may be lost on my non-Irish readers but suffice to say its not a form of endearment.

Egypt is undergoing a food crisis, supply simply cannot keep up with demand, and obviously the economy is in no shape to step up imports. According to @psypherize “the ministry of housing has an electronic board stating that the population is 83,871,675″ and growing at a rate of 1million every 9months or so. In an effort to tackle this problem and show the public they have a plan in place to address this serious issue the government has advised the people, wait for it …….”not to over eat” Perhaps President Morsi should set an example by ceasing to appear on state TV shovelling vast quantities of food into his gob with his spoon (a particularly graphic display of indulgence last Eid) He did it rather in the manner of an engine stoker on a steam train, although anything is better than watching him adjust his crown jewels.

This fixation with Boobs and boys bits leads me to think that perhaps I should start a thesis. I could do some research into the correlation of the state of Egyptian politics, and the number of times that politicians can distract us by talking about boobs and jiggling things in their trousers. I’m sure I could get a grant from somewhere all I need is a working title to make my pitch. I’m thinking of something along the lines of “Tit-illating hypotheses as a methodology for dissemination” if I was a little smarter, or watched more episodes of the “big bang theory” I could come up with something much catchier, your suggestions are welcome!


2 thoughts on “What A Boob..

  1. barbara says:

    you are just so hysterically funny! i so wish we could meet. my cell is 310-820-0111 and i am in giza another week before heading back to los angeles.

  2. Paula Hilton says:

    thanks for keeping me abreast of what is happening in Egypt..Paula in Australia xx

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