We are just back from Ireland where it is the official silly season,  lots of men in black (no not the movie) and some other men with orange accessories “walk”. It’s rather special walking as they do it in rows, the older ones who are unstable on their feet “walk” in cars hired for the day. People queue along the side of roads to watch this “walking” and apart from waving at friends and relatives no one is really that interested, they are out to see the bands who accompany them.

Depending on your musical sensitivities it’s probably best to watch the bands on their outbound route, before they get to the “field”. Only in Ireland would walking to a field be a national event.  You see, once in the field copious amounts of alcohol are consumed so the order in which the notes are played on the way back may not be in quite the right order. Although, I have to say it seems to work wonders for the bass drummer whose hips sway rather more dramatically as he gives it “laldy”

It’s silly season in Cairo too at the minute, the holy month of Ramadan is underway (or the holy month of golf) with all the wondrous delights it brings.  Fasting from sunrise to sunset with nothing passing your lips is pretty awesome stuff. Considering most Egyptians exist on a diet of tea, coffee and cigarettes the effects of caffeine and nicotine withdrawal bring opportunities for some even crazier sights than usual.

The driving becomes even more erratic as they go cold turkey, and you really don’t want to be on the road as they head home for iftar (when they break the fast). Lots of expats clear out for Ramadan but only having to work from 9-3 means the golfing fraternity hang in there and head out straight from work for a round. Tiger woods might be able to fit in 18 holes before it’s dark, but I guess that’s why Nike sponsor him.

Nike also provided the kit for the Egyptian Olympic team, well….ehm…..no not really. Not the real Nike anyway, the knock off version from China sold from the Khan did.  General Mahmoud Ali said ” the real thing was just too expensive, and the state of Egypt’s battered finances led him to opt for the counterfeit gear, which he said was “sufficient.”

Sufficient?……..What he really means is close enough….but bearing in mind this “close enough” attitude has led to the Egyptian Olympic team who are competing in the London games being based in ….wait for it ….Antrim, yes the Antrim forum in Northern Ireland, what kind of numpty set that up. I’m guessing when e-bookers recommended the cheaper alternative UK airport they didn’t have a map.

One of the Egyptian synchronized swimming team blew the lid on it when she tweeted her kit bag was logoed up as Nike but had an addidas zip. She also had concerns that although she is a size XS she needed a XXL to fit her……The mens fencing team joined in too having concerns that their trainers didn’t fit with the sizes marked on them bearing no resemblance to the size of the shoe….

Are we surprised? Shocked?  Errr No,  it’s just par for the course, yet another Only in Egypt moment, although I have to say even the Egyptian knock offs look better than the Russian team Kit. Can’t wait to see the Russians in Sharm strutting their shell suit tops and speedos…..and with that delightful picture in your head, masalama.